Web version of agenda

+1 for web. guys you are missing out
you hit product market fit with your UX but because of lack of access to web app/windows, i have to use evernote

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Agree 100%. I use evernote as well for the same reason despite being an agenda premium…

I’d also like to use the app via web access at my work PC… I will definitely pay for it!


I’m aware that the team currently doesn’t have the resources to implement this. But…it deserves a +1 for me. It would also add GREAT value for me.

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+1 a web version would be great :blush::+1:

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-1 I think that this would be too large for the teams current size.

++1 Web is mandatory for the next release

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I use different systems (iOS, Windows, Linux), so it would be useful to have an option to view and edit notes using a web browser on any OS. If I have a lot of thoughts to write down, it’s easier to use a keyboard on my computer instead of iPhone.

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+1 for me too. This is definitely the feature I want. This will change everything, for me, make Agenda the app I use the most, clearly.

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This feature is the tipping point for me to switch completely to Agenda. I would appreciate if there is someone who can offer a workaround whilst this feature is getting implemented

What is the problem you need to solve with a web version? Using Agenda on Windows? Using Agenda on Android?

For all Apple products, you can just install the app, of course.

Using Agenda on Windows and being able to update the different entries.

I see. Thanks for the feedback!