We need one more level note list

Agenda already has Project and Category. In daily use, I find that a note list is still needed to improve the efficiency when manage a huge Project. Now when I doing a huge project with more any 50 notes, I usually using the collapse function in order to save some space.This way is a time consuming task when I check the collapsed notes.

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I don’t think we will introduce another level below notes, instead we’ll probably allow for subprojects at some point.


There is a list of notes in every project. You can get to it by clicking the project title at the top of the list. We call this the “jump menu”. Maybe that helps a bit with long lists.

Otherwise, I would suggest for now splitting big projects into several smaller ones. As @mekentosj mentioned, we probably will add subprojects or categories at some point.


The Jump Menu is a nice touch

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Thanks for telling me Jump menu , it’s a great solution under this situation.

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