Want to Chat about Agenda on an iPad Podcast?

Do you love using Agenda on your iPad? And would you like to talk about it on a podcast?

The iPadPros podcast (https://ipadpros.net) is looking for an Agenda user who would be prepared to go on their show and chat about how they use Agenda on iPad.

If you would be interested, you can leave a message in this thread, or contact me direct (drew@agenda.com).

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I use Agenda on iPad pro for everyday work context organize.it’s good on put note relate calendar and review in timeline.
But writing doc like markdown or put code snippet is painful.
It would be great if Agenda could fully support markdown, then I can discard use of Bear ,simplify my workflow.

Bear is a markdown editor, where Agenda is a styled text editor with some markdown shortcuts. It will never be a full markdown editor, because we don’t preserve the markdown: it gets converted into a style (eg a heading).

We do have plans to add more styles. What are you missing exactly? Eg. can’t you use the preformatted style for code?