Virtual keyboard failure whith multiple keyboards enabeled

What I did: Tried to use Agenda on my iPAD with English and Japanese keyboards configured

What happened: I am trying to input using the Agenda extended keyboard on the screen.

Can’t select the English (or Japanese) keyboards with this Agenda keyboard layout “on”.

Keyboard switches between English and Japanese while I TRY to type. Some keys are English and some Kanji and they switch about as I try to type.

What I expected: The keyboard to stay set and work as the keyboard I want to select. For the selection of keyboards using the little globe icon to function normally.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):

iPad Pro 12.9 US version of the hardware

iOS v12.3.1

I started typing this note and then realized I should put it in the “Support area”. I have filled out the template and I have pasted the textual note below as well.

I use (try to use) Agenda on an iPad Pro using a configuration that has virtual keyboards for English, Japanese (Romaji and Kanji).

Agenda is failing for me on my iOS devices using this keyboard configuration. Agenda gets confused as to what language I am inputing. It keeps switching from English to Japanese and I can’t select the “English” keyboard with the Agenda version of the keyboard.

I am not sure how to demonstrate this to you here in this forum. I can’t really show this behavior in a static image.

This is an important issue for usability for me and so I am opening to working with you however necessary to get this resolved.



Hmmm… The keyboard issue seems to present in both with Agenda and Noteplan as well. This may either be a bug in this version of iOS or, you both are using the same code for your “virtual keyboards”.

I have shutdown the iPad and restarted it. Same issue.

I have deleted all but the English keyboards. Testing that way there is of course no issue. Adding the keyboards back in the issue returns.

Your thoughts?


Hi John,
I’m afraid this aspect of typing is entirely in the hands of Apple. It is system wide, which would explain why you see it in NotePlan too.

I’m not sure what could cause it. Perhaps there is a setting that causes it to try to recognize the language. Perhaps you can turn that off.

In any case, I recommend more general Googling. If it is a general issue, it will definitely appear on the interwebs.

Let us know if you learn what is happening. May help others.

Kind regards,


After my testing and confirmation, I concur it is indeed an Apple issue!

Sorry to distract you on this one.