View two or more projects at once on iOS like macOS

On Mac, I like to view all the project notes in a category at one time for some categories. This makes reviewing projects easier in some cases, especially projects that are stalled and only have a few notes. On the Mac, it presents a nice view for this, showing the project name as a heading between groups of notes.

I would like some way to do this on iOS as well. Maybe through multi-touch, or through a mode that allows you to select multiple projects.

However, perhaps an easier route, for me at least, is simply to allow users to click the category or subcategory name, and then to be able to view all notes in the contained projects, just as if I had selected them all in MacOS. I am not asking here for a view to show notes that don’t belong to a project. Instead, I’m asking to see all notes in all projects in the category, in one list.

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Thanks, we’ll see if we can support multiple selection in the sidebar on iOS down the line. It’s a nice idea to allow to see an overview of all items from the category, we’ll think about that.