View multiple notes from different projects at once

So far I love Agenda. I personally use it for journaling and planning.

One problem I faced was the ability to view a note (In this case instructions that I typed) while typing in another (The things I needed to write following the instructions in the previous note).

If the two notes aren’t at the same date or in different projects this can’t be done.

My solution would be simply double clicking or providing a “preview” icon for the note that when clicked will pop up the note in its own window so now I can keep it at the side and work on a different note while observing info from it.

Thanks a lot.


Thanks for the feedback!

We do have ideas about viewing multiple notes at a time. Stay tuned for that.

Note that at the moment, you can use the related info panel, as well as the history buttons, to go find another note, and then jump back where you were. It is not exactly the same, but helps when working with multiple places in your projects. You can even scroll to a different note, and hit history back button to scroll straight back.



Thanks for your reply Drew,
These features sound great and helpful. Still the need for viewing a note while working on another can’t be covered by these features for a simple reason, the clicking back and forth while you try to concentrate gets in the way.

I am still exploring the app and what to use it for, and so far it’s great.

Thanks a lot for this great effort :slight_smile:

Yes, we realize this, and have plans. It was just a suggestion for a workaround in the meantime. We are looking at ways to address multiple note viewing.


Awesome, keep it up :slight_smile:

  • 1 for this feature. If there are related notes in different projects or categories, it’s hard to switch every time.