Version warning persisting

What I did:

I have Agenda (Premium) in 4 devices: iPhone, iPad, iMac and Macbook.
All, except iMac, had a version of Agenda (7.0 IIRC) installed from the App store.
On the iMac the version was installed from the Agenda website and had the beta channels enabled.
After the iMac updated to Agenda 9.0 beta and I started getting warnings about incompatible versions on other devices.
I uninstalled Agenda (9.0 beta) from the iMac and installed the App Store version (7.0).

What happened:

I still got warnings about incompatible versions.

What I expected:

All devices have Agenda 7.0, so I wasn’t expecting a warning.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):

  • Agenda 7.0 on iPhone iOS13
  • Agenda 7.0 in iPad IPadOS
  • Agenda 7.0 on Macbook Catalina
  • Agenda 9.0 beta and then Agenda 7.0 on iMac Catalina

As the update warning on the iMac that installed Agenda 9 mentioned in yellow at the top, once you install the version 9 update you will need to do this on all your devices. As it migrates the data in a way that it’s no longer compatible with version 7, you can’t move back therefore. Make sure you install version 9 on both your macs through the beta channel. I’ll also send you an invite for testflight that will allow you to install version 9 on your iPhone and iPad.


I guess it’s a compliment to Agenda that I eagerly updated to 9.0 beta without worrying about the disclaimer…

I’ve updated to 9.0 beta on macOS and iOS/iPaOS.

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