Using “Inbox” on a Mac and on an iPad

What I did:On my iPad I send a note from Draft 5 to my Agenda Inbox.

What happened:
It arrived on my iPad in Inbox but

What I expected:
So far nothing happened on my Mac (20 min:-(.
Sure I have same Apple ID on both machines, and all the other project are syncing fine.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): Agenda v. 7.0 and Mac 10.14.6

What is the Agenda Inbox? Is this beta (sounds like not, since you said v 7.0) or just a project that you created within Agenda?

I didn’t know you could use Drafts to get information into Agenda… that’s pretty cool.

I assume that “Inbox” is just a project or note you have in Agenda, correct?

Is it only that note that is a problem? If you change another note on iPad, does the change come over?

Are you on the latest version on iPad? We did fix a corner case with sync recently on that.

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Yes, Inbox was just a project, sorry I tought it was a more generic “inbox”
I was using som remade “script” in Draft, one to them was “Send to Agenda Inbox”
i don’t know where it came from, I think it was in Drafts, but in the action log I found this:
callback statement, where I can se I can change the inbox to the project in mind.

Opened Callback URL: agenda://x-callback-url/create-note?project-title=Inbox&title=Test&text=&on-the-agenda=true&x-success=drafts5-callback-ignore://ignore/ED4361EC-6F69-4453-A209-BE274D6AAAC8&x-cancel=drafts5-callback-ignore://ignore/ED4361EC-6F69-4453-A209-BE274D6AAAC8&x-error=drafts5-callback-ignore://ignore/ED4361EC-6F69-4453-A209-BE274D6AAAC8&x-source=Drafts

One more things, sorry but the message send are being synchronized to my iMac.

But I’m getting more and more interested in the automation in iPad with callback statement.