Use-case: Find next event

I quite often have a use-case where I realise I want to add something to the agenda for my next meeting with someone.

What I then need to do, is find that future meeting. What I’d like to do is search the calendar for that person’s name, to find the next event. This may be in a few weeks’ time, so it would take ages to manually read every future event to find it.

I realise that Agenda lacks the ability to search events. So I use Fantastical to find the event instead.

Once I’ve found the event in Fantastical, I’d like to jump to that date in Agenda (or ideally the event).

Is there a way to do this - using x-callback-URL or some other method?

I have been able to link an agenda note to the selected Fantastical event, using x-callback-URL and shortcuts; which is great. But haven’t been able to jump back to Agenda to see if that event already has a note attached.

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This isn’t possible yet but I’ve written it down to see what we could do in this area

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