Use a different AppleID than that which the computer is linked?

What I did:
Tried to log into Agenda account through AppleID

What happened:
AppleID for work computer appeared (expected), but doesn’t allow me to switch to a different AppleID (unexpected).

What I expected:
I realize all my devices need to use the same AppleID for sync to work, but does this mean I can ONLY use the AppleID associated with my work computer? Or is there a work around to specify a specific AppleID for Agenda (only)?

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):
Agenda 13.1.1
MacOS 11.5.2

For sync to work, you indeed need to have the same Apple ID in iCloud on each computer. Note however that a Mac can have multiple user accounts, so you could use a different account with a different iCloud account, ie, multiple per Mac.

Agenda can sync via any iCloud account. It is not restricted to your work one. But you do have to sign in with the iCloud account one each device.

After signing in, you should also make sure that iCloud Drive is turned on. That is needed for the sync.

If it is not syncing after you change iCloud accounts, try going into Agenda Settings, and turning off the sync, waiting a minute or two, and then turn it on again. Do that on each device.

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I am unaware how to make Agenda use a different AppleID.

I’m saying that I don’t see a way to choose the AppleID that I want to sync with. To be more clear…

My “home” computer, laptop, and phone all use AppleID “HomeAppleID”. Syncing works. Everything is great.

My work computer, however, is not signed into “HomeAppleID” for iCloud, its signed into “WorkAppleID”. So, obviously, NO syncing happens. I understand that is the problem.

However, I am saying that I do not see a way to make Agenda use “HomeAppleID” while also signed into iCloud AppleID “WorkAppleID”. So I’m looking for whether there is a solution to this that I am not seeing.

When I try to log in and press AppleID, I am unable to change the value of “WorkAppleID” to “HomeAppleID”. This is my problem.

Right. Apple does not allow multiple iCloud accounts, only one “Primary” account. It does allows multiple AppleIDs, but the non-primary can only sync Mail, Contacts, Calendars, and/or Reminders.

This seems like an Apple problem, not an Agenda problem. Possibly an Agenda documentation clarification point.

Apple should maybe allow third-party apps in their “Internet Accounts” list for iCloud accounts. Sigh.

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Yes, there is just one iCloud account used at a time on any device. We can’t change that.

One option would be Dropbox sync. You can get a free dropbox account, and use that with Agenda on your home and work computers. With Dropbox, you can choose the account you want to use with Agenda, because we are not restricted by the operating system of Apple.

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