URL Scheme with Link to Event or Time

I posted this in the Automation how-to thread, but I think it got buried, so reposting in Support:

Is there a way to link a note to a calendar event when creating a note with a URL? I’d love to build a Shortcut that creates a note for each event on the calendar for the day.

Alternatively, can the URL scheme set a time along with the date? That would do it for me.



You can’t do that yet, no, but it is a good idea. We’ll take it on board and try to include it as we build out the x-callback support.


Cool! I didn’t think so, but I’ve missed nuances before.

For now, I have a Shortcut that generates an On The Agenda note for each calendar meeting, then I link each and drag them to the right project inside Agenda. Lovely what you’ve got us able to do!



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