URL-based checklist item completion

Hi all!

I don’t think there is, but I wanted to check: is there a way, by URL, to mark a particular checklist item as completed?

I’m sure I could build a super complex thing to replace text - [ ] This is a task with - [x] This is a task, but I wanted to see if anything simpler.

Use case: I have a Shortcut that adds text to OmniFocus as a task, then appends that task as text in Agenda, but also with a link that will mark the task in OmniFocus as completed and return you to Agenda. I thought it would be neat if that link could also mark the checklist item whose line it was clicked from complete as well.

Not necessary, but sort of neato?



This isn’t possible at the moment as we don’t have a way to specifically target a specific paragraph in a note yet.

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I was pretty sure, but thanks for confirming!