Update Attached File

Is there a way to automate updating an attached file? For example: If I attach a spreadsheet to a note, can I edit the original file and still open the most up to date version when I open it from Agenda? Currently Agenda opens the version as it was when it was originally attached.

The solution is to link to a file, rather than embed it. On a Mac you do this by dragging the file to Agenda while holding down the CTRL key - start dragging and then hold the CTRL key.

Not sure if it’s possible on iOS.

Indeed editing an attachment isn’t an option at the moment. As @trebso mentioned linking is an alternative but note that linked attachments are not synced across devices. The other workaround is to save the attachment after editing and replace the old attachment with the new one. We hope to make this latter process easier in the future.


Pretty much this. I love agenda, but I miss the fact that I can edit my files without doing anything else (that was my workflow whilst I was still working with Bear).