Unwanted duplication of line entry in note

What I did: Clicked on a tag in a note to edit it (from #(follow up) to #(followed up)

What happened: The line entry duplicated itself. Any time I tried to click to edit it duplicated itself again. This also beachballed the app on the Mac

What I expected: To be able to edit the tag as described.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): Issue arose on a mid- 2017 MacBook running macOS 12.4 running Agenda 14.1.1. Through the magic of iCloud sync it has propagated to my entries on iPad and iPhone.

I attach a screenshot from my iPhone.

Hmm, very odd. I’m afraid the only way to solve this is to delete all lines containing the tags in one go. Very likely the issue is with one particular line that duplicates, so if you don’t delete them all it might continue.

Once you have removed them, let me know if you can reproduce it again, and if so, can you make a screenrecording of the exact steps you took? I tried invoking it here but didn’t get the duplicating line.

I have found it impossible to delete the offending line. If anything it seems to add line entries and hang the app in doing so. I have eventually made a new note and retyped the content of the original (putting in the ‘followed up’ tag in this to indicate the change of status).

I have moved the offending note to the Bin and emptied the it. I hope that will clear the system. However, before doing that I have a draft email with the this note attached as an Agenda note if you want me to send it to you for you to look at.

It looked like the note somehow was leading the app to enter some kind of loop, which caused it to hang on Mac, iPad (an M1 iPad Pro) and iPhone (13 Pro). While the 2017 12-inch MacBook is elderly hardware, the rest isn’t and shouldn’t be overfaced by amending a note.

Again apologies for the hassle, yes, that should remove the issues indeed. Let me know if it returns and what were the exact steps before it happened. And yes, it would be great if you could email me the agenda note to alex@agenda.com.