Unexpected characters when typing

What I did: enter new item in a list

What happened: new item appears with a subscripted “special” leading character, similar to what I type but from a different font or alphabet. It corrects itself after a few seconds (3-10). Noticed happening with “S” and “L”. Am using checklist.

What I expected: A normal capital “S” and “L”.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): Agenda 13.1.1 (195), Bug Sur 11.5, MacBook Pro

Is this within regular notes or when editing a template?

Hello, it is while typing a grocery list into a note - no template.

Ok, thanks for confirming, I have it on my list to investigate.

I get this to. Let me know if you need any more diagnostics.

Would be great if you could show the exact steps to reproduce the issue in a screen recording, that would make it easier to fix. You can post it here or send it to alex@agenda.com. Thanks!

This problem is not persistent. At this time the problem is not occurring. I have figured how to record the screen and will provide more input when it recurs. Maybe Matt can provide screen recording now?

Here is a short video demonstrating the problem. The key pressed is a Capital P. What results is a subscripted P. After about 5 seconds it changes to a Capital P. Always the 1st Character in the row. Probably only with a checklist.

Thanks, very clear. We’re working on this part of the app as we speak so I’ll take it along and look at it.