Undo by note

Trying to restore some deleted text, I’ve realised that ‘undo’ appears to ‘undo’ actions like ‘collapse note’ and moving from note to note. It seems to simply undo keystrokes and menu actions sequetially across the whole application.

It would be much more useful (to me at least!) if undo applied to each indvidual note. At the moment, if I work on Note A, then Note B, I can’t undo edits in Note A without undoing these in Note B first.

Undo is a very tricky area when it comes to expectations etc. The way it works today is the result of many rounds of experimentation and improvements. I can see how sometime you’d like it to work this way, but to most it would be confusing I’m afraid and/or add a level of complexity that would make it harder to predict.

To add to what @mekentosj is saying, the problem is that undo also has to work for inserting/deleting notes, moving notes etc. It would be pretty limited if it just undid text changes. So it is a tricky balance.