The »Reminder« sign has disappeared

In the versions before the new one, when I created a check list of tasks in a note, I could create a reminder from every line that I wanted, and where I did that, a small »clock« sign appeared to show that this item is already linked to my task list/calendar-system (I use BusyCal where both tasks and event appear in the same picture).

This has become by far the most important feature of Agenda for me.

Unfortunately, it is somehow broken now. I still can create a reminder (although regrettably no longer from the cog wheel menu, which is much less practical now), but the clock sign appears no longer. So I have no visual cue, which tasks are »active« and which one not yet.

I must say I heavily regret having updated to the new version. The version before was almost perfect; I should have stayed there.

We didn’t make any changes to the reminders, unless it somehow has to do with you still being macOS 10.12, which is now so old that we have very few testers on it still. Can you try the upcoming version 11.1 that you can find here to see if it makes any difference:

I’ll reply separately to your other post.

Yes! The clock signs are back! Phew … :hot_face:

Thank you.

Sorry for being an oldie …


Glad to hear that, as said, the problem is that by now proper testing on macOS12 has become non-trivial, which opens things up to regressions of this kind. We have been discussing this and in principal if there’s no reason to deprecate older OS releases if technically we have no need for technologies that are not available on those OS’s (and in many cases like widgets etc we can make those requirements conditional). But to give you a heads up, we are planning to make some major improvements to search that would probably mean we will stop supporting macOS12 towards the end of the year / early next year.

I consider myself forewarned. :wink:

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