The format style of headings in Chinese is too similar

The format style of heading and Minor Heading is very similar in chinese, both bold and so as sub-heading with minor sub-heading. sometimes it is difficult to find what the current format style is. I think the format style level should be more distinguishable. thanks

Thanks for the feedback! We hope to give more control over styles in future.

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I have the same opinion about English. (Is it easier for you guys if we revive an old conversation or start a new one on the same topic?)

I agree that Agenda should not become a word processor (Microsoft) or another existing app (Bear). That being said there is redundancy in the formatting that could be tweaked ever so slightly as to make all formats more useful.

For example, why offer a heading that looks the same as bolded text? Why not make headings an exaggerated bold or increase the letter spacing, so you actually recognize it as a heading when scanning your note?

I use all the headings just on principle, but they’re not useful without horizontal breaks (thanks!) or a double return. If your note is sufficient length (which it seems you’d like us to be able to compose), then distinguishing bolded/italicised text from a headings is essential, not just a matter of preference. Consider the note being shared with another person and wanting them to understand the flow of the note, not just you.

Thanks for all the new stuff,
Cam (Premium).

We experimented a lot with different setups, from very “boxed” notes (see The Next Box™ – The story of how Agenda came about why that didn’t work) to even lighter differences between text and headings as we use today. In the end we settled on this being the right balance between a clean look and feel while still being able to easily separate individual notes.

In the end it comes down to two different aspects. First, a thousand people, a thousand different tastes. In other words, some will like Agenda’s look, some won’t. We get few complaints so I guess we take it as a confirmation of this right balance.

Second, a thousand people, a thousand different ways of note-taking. One of the key aspects of Agenda is that we on purposely made it quite open on how you use it exactly. This doesn’t always make it immediately click with new users, but basically you have to find your way where Agenda works best for you. This means both in terms of note granularity as well as in how you style your text. Both aspects come to play here if you find it hard to distinguish headings from bold text. For example, perhaps you could try to divide a long note that requires headings into multiple smaller ones, one for each section, finding a better balance that way. Or perhaps you should simply use a different heading style, picking the italic H2 instead of the bold H1. There are other tricks too, like using the new Horizontal Rule to more clearly separate section. In other words, often a matter of trying a few things to see what works best with how you use Agenda and the different formatting options.

Finally, and having said all that, we do plan to offer more options down the road when it comes to style and preference. We mentioned already that full word processor capabilities are off the agenda (pun intended), but we would love to bring the ability to create themes at some point. But before that, we have a bunch of other things on the list with higher priority to go through first.

Hi Cam,
Thanks for the feedback!

I think all text apps do this. There is no special “heading font”, it is mostly just a question of using the font size, weight, and obliqueness, together with spacing of lines, to make clear that a heading is more important. That is what we aim to do.

If you look at the attached screenshot, I am surprised you do not immediately see the headings. We add extra space above a heading, and a different size and boldness. There are no extra returns in this document — those are the default styles.

Can we use custom text? Like word

You mean a custom font or look? Not at the moment, also note that we don’t want to turn Agenda into a word processor where you can change every aspect of the looks of the text. The plan to address this (in an update in the future) is to allow for more “themes” that would offer more control.

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Great idea, look forward to updates