The date list in the right pane is real janky

Hi there. Is it just me or is the scrolling date list in the right pane real janky? It seems to jump all over the place. I brought Agenda to the front just now and it was down in the middle of August! This happens all the time.

It should heavily prefer today, right now. It really does not.


For me too

Same here.

+1 and tying this to a repeating event issue I posted about in another thread where the event list jumping around also updates note dates linked to repeating events. — Dan

As well as being janky, there’s not enough contrast between today and the rest of the days. Would love to see this be easier to read at a glance.


Thanks for the feedback. It’s a tricky technical problem, for various reasons, but fully agree it would be nice to make this smoother. We’ll see what we can do.


Thanks for the hard work bro

This is one of the bugs I called out in my post in the Feedback topic. I would also love to see more contrast for the current date.

The calendar panel has to fetch the data from your calendar as you scroll*, depending on how many calendar events you have per day, and how many reminders, this can mean that if you have either a lot of changes occurring in your calendars, or if you have very few calendar events in general, or scroll for the first time further in the future or past, it might be refreshing a lot. Once fetched it should scroll smoothly.

*) Unfortunately Apple’s APIs really weren’t designed to make the kind of view that Agenda shows. It doesn’t allow us to get changes only, and worse only allows to fetch a data range. If you have a lot of events in your calendar one or two days is enough to fill the view, but if you have very few in your calendar or say scroll further into the future, suddenly we sometimes have to fetch the events of an entire month to get the few events that fill the view. It’s technically very challenging.

Would also love if this could be made smoother.

Sometimes, when I scroll up by a little, it jumps several days into the past. And then I need to scroll down once again to see yesterday’s events.