TextExpander integration



Would it be possible to add textExpander integration for the IOS version of Agenda? That would be a real time saver for me.
Congratulations on the app. I’m really enyoing using it!

TextExpander with iOS Agenda

I’m using it now. Clunky (doesn’t do Spellchecker well), but i (see?) have a snippit for-

What I did-

What happened-

What I expected-

Things that might be helpful or know-
iOS 11.4.1 Beta


Thank you for your feedback.
I should have specified that I meant the kind of integration that textExpander enhanced apps such as DEVONThink or Omnioutliner offer that enable you to expand snippets using any keyboard you want (in my case Apple’s original for the iPad pro), not just the TextExpander keyboard. But thank you for your suggestion. I haven’t thought of that possibility.


Exactly whats’s needed!
Support: is this on the roadmap?


Not at this moment, we’ll consider adding support but near the top of the list I’m afraid.


Voting for TextExpander support on iOS with any keyboard