Text editing problem in Korean



What I did:
I wrote a text in Korean and copy & pasted a sentence.

What happened:
Text disappeared when I hit enter key after pasting(command + v) a sentence.
I found that word randomly disappears when I hit enter or delete key.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):
iPad 12.9 1st gen - iOS 12.1.4

I have a video but I can’t upload because I am a new user.


Can you send the video to drew@agenda.com?

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Check your mailbox!
I hope it gets fixed soon :smiley:


Got the email. Thanks!

It does look, indeed. I tried to reproduce similar things using a Japanese keyboard, but I couldn’t. I will try Korean too, but is there some action I should be doing to trigger the issue? Are you just typing normally? Or do the problems start after you do a particular thing?

Best check you are on our latest version too (5.5).

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I sent an email with one more video. I used iOS software keyboard this time, so you can check what I typed visually. I checked that the version number was 5.5.

I guess there is a problem with buffering latest word of a sentence, because I just typed normally and always latest word disappears.


I did some testing with the Korean keyboard on my iPad, and I still can’t make this happen. I can’t make the last word of any sentences disappear.

Is there something special I need to do, like entering a question mark or something?

Are you hitting any special key combos?

I guess you don’t have any special text extensions installed or anything, right?

Are you just using a standard keyboard from Apple?

Are you syncing with another device, and do you have the other device running when you do this test?

I notice you are editing the Welcome projects. Does it happen with a new standard project? The welcome projects are handled a bit specially.


I am using iOS default keyboard from apple(no extension) or iPad(12.9 1st gen) Smart Keyboard. System locale is set as Korean (한국어).

I tested again with sync offed, new standard project (not Sample projects like Welcome) and still happens.

I typed no special key combo or character. I guess you can make this happen with typing very simple word like “가가” with spacing and line breaking. I guess test case needs long enough text.

For example:
가가가 가가 가가 가가가 가가 가가
가가가 가가 가가가가 가가 가가 가가
가가가 가가 가가가가 가가 가가 가가
가가가 가가 가가가가 가가 가가
가가가 가가 가가가 가가가가
가가가가가 가가 가가가가가
… (and more)


Does it happen if you use the onscreen keyboard? Does it happen on your iPhone, or just the iPad?


It happens in both all case. iPhone and iPad (onscreen keyboard / smartkeyboard).

I did some testing with OSX version, I can’t make the word disappear this time. I don’t know what’s the difference.