Text design could be improved

hi, I am very positively surprised by the app and think it could replace Bear. I like the project-based concept very much. it finally helps me to get organized.
But I’m having trouble with the text editor. I think here the things could be improved:

    • the „format“ circle at the beginning of a line: I think its disturbing and maybe it is superfluous in my opinion (shortcut could help)
  • there should be a possibility to choose other fonts
  • the line spacing is extremly wasteful, please insert an option to reduce it
  • number a header is actually not allowed/possible

There should be a way to format fonts, line spacing or headings by yourself. Or to offer a more compact or alternativ format in the settings.

I am confident that things will improve here.


Great to hear you like the app so much! Indeed allowing more styling and configuration of the look and feel (fonts, spacing, etc) is something we hear more people asking for, and something we are thinking about adding. Thanks for the feedback!

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Wow what it’s worth, I think excellent choices have been made in the design, and I kinda of like the fact I can’t tinker with it. It’s clear, attractive, and functional.


I love the text design, it feels very beautiful to me and the format circle was a happy surprise. I haven’t seen anything like it and I already love it. :slight_smile:


Glad you like it! Credits to @wrinklypea!

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