Text appears “squished” after opening app

What I did:
Opened the app

What happened:
Text appears “squished” http://take.ms/V9bjC

What I expected:
For the text spacing to be normal like it was before

Hmm, that is an odd one. Never seen it.

Does it help to resize the window? Restart the Mac?

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Also, are you using the latest version of Agenda and have you seen it before or was this the first time?

I confirm, that this behaviour happens with me also from time to time. It is not reproducable and I can resolve it with restarting Agenda.

I’m running v2.1.1. on a High Sierra.

(btw: not sure whether this a cue, but for me it only happens sometimes when I have an external screen connected)

Thanks for the confirmation, we haven’t seen it ourselves but let us know if you find any clues as to what immediately precedes and might cause the issue.

I use a MBP 2016 and an external screen (main display) but have never seen „squished“ text.

That’s an important clue, does it happen if you move the Agenda window from the external monitor to the main display or vice versa perhaps? Or when you connect/disconnect the monitor while Agenda is running?

Yesterday I worked a lot on notes (imported from Notes), moving them around into the correct projects/categories, editing them and so on. Did not restart the Agenda.
After maybe 20 minutes I saw that the text displayed with sharp conturs (?) and not like normal. Restarting the app brought back the the normal „style“.
I worked only on the external display.
Now I also moved the app window from the external display to the internal of my MBP, and back, and forth and so on. No changes in the kind of how the text is displayed.

Ok, thanks for confirming, let me know if you encounter more hints.

I just tried back and forth, disconnecting the screen and connecting again etc., but the effect does not come back - in general, since I wrote here a week ago it did not appear, and I’m using Agenda quite intense every day. I will for sure keep track and report back if something appears.

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