Text action not working as expected

What I did: I defined this timestamp format: \now(format:dd.MM.YYYY HH:mm)

What happened: The timestamp is inserted in the text as expected. However, the same timestamp format is inserted in the text by using \date and/or \time. So, \now, \time and \date produce the same results.

What I expected: \date and \time being inserted in previously defined format. E. g. as \date(short) or \time(medium) or what so ever.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):

We’ll have a look at what’s going on. In the mean time, using \date(default) or \time(default) should restore the default behaviour of the actions.

@mekentosj: I found a good workaround:

  1. Don‘t use format to define the date/time-format of now.

  2. Define the date-format as you want it to be in now.

  3. Do the same for the time-format.

The now-text action will now use the date/time-format as defined in date and time.

The desired timestamp is: dd.MM.YYYY HH:mm
To get this, don’t use \now(format:dd.MM.YYYY HH:mm) instead set the date-format to date(medium) and the time-format to time(short).
This gives you the desired timestamp by using \now and the \date- and \time-format are not overwritten by the format-parameter of the \now-Text Action.