Template / reminder title

What I did: I saved a template (daily journal) with a reminder in the evening to not forget it, which I open daily in the morning.

What happened:

What I expected: Unfortunately the note title does not show up as a reminder title → "untitled reminder“.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): How to fix this? Many Thanks!

Hi Gerald,
Reminders are not bound to a note, but to a single line in the note. They take their title from the line they are on. So if you have a little text, and put the reminder after that, it should pick up that title.
Kind regards,

Thank you for the quick response, Drew.
Can I refer to the note title in the line?

If there’s no text in the line (e.g. just the reminder on its own line), it should pick the note title for the reminder title.

Unfortunately it does not pick the note title, when created via a template with \remind(today at 9pm)

This might be a limitation of the template system, we’ll have a look.

Hi Alex,
do you already have any update on my template issue?
Thank you very much!