Template Name not fetched properly when creating a new Shortcut Action

What I did:
Create a new “Add Note” action in Shortcut using a Template

What happened:
The list of Templates displayed shows the note title, not the template name. This is a problem if the note title is parameterized.

What I expected:
To see a list of template names (not the note name).

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):
Using iOS 16.2 in iPhone XR, Agenda 16.1.

extra info: I have several templates where the note title is simply \date(). The template name is what I use to distinguish them. When I try to create a new Shortcut action that uses the template, I expand the action and then click Choose for the template. A list of templates is displayed, but they show the title of the note instead of the template name. I believe this is incorrect, as the name of the template should be displayed.

Good point and thanks for reporting, we’ll fix that!

In fact, I just fixed it now, should be part of Agenda 17 :+1:

Great, thanks a lot!

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