Tasks and reminders

My one plea, and I note that it surfaced a few times last year…

I like to pop tasks into my notes, I like embedding tasks within a larger note, provides context etc.

But every now and then I’d like some way of viewing all my tasks, at least as defined as those lines with a checkmark at the start of the line.

Currently I have to manually search and Add to Agenda or add a tag I could search. Even then, it’s the entire note that’s added rather than the line in question.

I know that Reminders integration is coming. Could it be that a check marked line is automatically added as a reminder in Reminders? I’d be very happy with that.


I agree - at the moment, more generally, I use Bear as my note-taking app, and the ability it has to auto-collect the notes containing unfinished to-dos is extremely useful.


We want to be careful to not accidentally flood the reminders app with unwanted to-do’s, hence it’s not as trivial as it might seem. We do have a few thoughts in this area though.

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