Tapping a checklist item on iOS

Finding the app useful. A couple of suggestions are-
When making a checklist it is difficult to tick the list off. I find the checklist buttons small and unresponsive on my iPhone. Also the agenda button seems a bit clumsy. It is unresponsive as well. Otherwise looking good.

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typing lag would occur when my notes have lots of letter on mobile app.(did not happen on mac.)
I had tried to restart the app , but the problem still exsist.

Thanks for the feedback. We will see if we can make the tap area of checklist boxes bigger in some way.

Very long notes can suffer a bit of lag. We have improved that a lot, but there are limitations. You might consider splitting really long notes into 2 or more.

Same issue here
The iOS checkbox is kinda painful to tick off
Maybe some swiping gesture will make it more accessible?