Take a look at Joplin (open-source) for inspiration

Hi Guys, I LOVE Agenda very much and am ready to support you by purchasing the current premium features :slight_smile: my gut feeling is that the app is going to get momentum as long as its goes in the right direction.

I recently installed Joplin (open-source + desktop + mobile) and gave it a go as a source of comparison. There are very very nice things in Joplin as well, and to me it is like an open-source cousin of Agenda. The nice features in there:

  • you can create a note, but you can also create todo items. Translated to Agenda, it would mean supporting 2 types of “cards”. You would have cards for notes - as now - possibly linked to Calendar events, but also cards for todo items, that one could link to reminders, and also date ranges in Calendar.

  • Joplin supports markdown at 100%, even LaTeX (which is an absolute must-have for scientists like myself). However, it contains an editor side and a preview side. But being 100% based on MD is such a big plus, that I think Agenda should be as well. In your case, though, the best option would be to avoid a preview side and have the MD content rendered within the cards themselves. A card would be pure MD in edit mode and rendered in view mode.

  • Joplin supports various operators to sync files, in particular owncloud, so that SMEs like mine can operate the app on their own.

  • Joplin provides end-2-end encryption (but not in a collaborative setting).

Overall, I feel that you guys might take a look at it and import these nice features in future releases. What do you think?

Thanks for sharing Pascal, we’ll have a look at it!