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Pagico uses a tag format of @tagname.subtagname so you can find and sort by tagname and by subtagname just by inserting a period between subtagnames. This provides a hierarchical way to manage your tag names and view your projects. Just add a way to collapse the subtagnames into the parent tag name and you will have a hierarchical way to manage your limited visual real estate.

@kimheathman I use the same #tag.subtag structure in other apps and agree that it is powerful. As @Pat_Maddox mentions above, a close approximation in Agenda is the #tag(subtag) format. It’s not a perfect replacement, but you can at least do a search for #tag and see all of the subtag items together.

See: Tags, Links, and Lists

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How do you change the width of a column in a table?

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This isn’t yet possible, you’ll find more discussion on it here:


+1, it would be wonderful to have a list of tags


You read our minds. Should be in one of the major updates this year. Stay tuned!


Hi guys! Could you please give us an update concerning tag (#, @) autocompletion and an estimated timeline? Making mistakes here leads to frustrating search attempts…

We commented on it yesterday, see here Autocomplete of tags - #50


Hi there,

Reading the instructions it should be possible to use symbols in tags, but what symbols are prohibited? For instance the $ cannot be used, but I can’t find out if this is expected behavior or a bug.


At the moment indeed currently you can only use standard letter and number characters plus underscores and dashes. In the next update we’ll bring major improvements to tags which also allows a way to have any symbol in a tag that you want, including spaces and dollar signs.