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+1 tags and people in title!

It’s kinda tricky. The title area is a completely different type of text entry area.

My suggestion would be to just put those tags/people on the first line of the note.

Hi Drew, tanks for responding. I am used to collapse my items. Then I only see the titles. The titles are already a lot alike (Email from …; telephone conversation with …) Therefore I am not concerned with the people (@) but with the tags. I only see a tag in the note itself when it opens. And it is useful for the overview if I do not have to mention the subject separately in the title, but can place a tag.
By the way: I am very happy with Agenda. I use it as a CRM and that works great.



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I see. Thanks for explaining. We have some ideas which may help with this down the track.

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Hi Fred

So do I sort of, but could be slicker. Would love to learn how you use Agenda as CRM!

Please consider Agenda’s (awesome) tag values when you do this. As an example, I have tags like #goal(current) #goal(done) #goal(someday) and it would be awesome if there was some way to browse the different values. Perhaps like sub-tags, so that when I see #goal in the tags list, I can expand it to see the different values it has?

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We’ll keep it in mind when we get to the tag browser. Sounds like a useful approach, indeed.

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Where is this “tag browser from the keyboard” located on the iPad? I do not see anything that lists the tags I have created. Am I missing something or am I misunderstanding? BTW, I do have a premium subscription if that makes a difference.

The tag browser in the iOS keyboard was something in earlier versions of Agenda. It wasn’t working very well because there was no way to filter it. We plan to add a proper tag browser and autocompletion of Tags in a future update.


Thanks for the info. I am very much looking forward to the tag browser and any other improvements to the tagging system that may be offered. The limits of the current tagging system is the area I am struggling with most in Agenda.


+1 for a way to see the list of tags.

Or support for wildcard searches. Right now, I try to remember to create a Saved Search for each tag, but if things get busy, I often put that off and don’t get back to it.

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Pagico uses a tag format of @tagname.subtagname so you can find and sort by tagname and by subtagname just by inserting a period between subtagnames. This provides a hierarchical way to manage your tag names and view your projects. Just add a way to collapse the subtagnames into the parent tag name and you will have a hierarchical way to manage your limited visual real estate.

@kimheathman I use the same #tag.subtag structure in other apps and agree that it is powerful. As @Pat_Maddox mentions above, a close approximation in Agenda is the #tag(subtag) format. It’s not a perfect replacement, but you can at least do a search for #tag and see all of the subtag items together.

See: Tags, Links, and Lists

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How do you change the width of a column in a table?

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This isn’t yet possible, you’ll find more discussion on it here:


+1, it would be wonderful to have a list of tags


You read our minds. Should be in one of the major updates this year. Stay tuned!


Hi guys! Could you please give us an update concerning tag (#, @) autocompletion and an estimated timeline? Making mistakes here leads to frustrating search attempts…