Tags, Links, and Lists

The reason is that we want to prevent that we accidentally recognise tags as such while it wasn’t meant to be, for example, in the following sentence:
Some things to do #priority for next week's meeting in london

Is the tag we should parse: #priority, or should it be #priority for next week's meeting, or perhaps #priority for next week's meeting in london?

We decided to keep it simple and restrict tags to single words only at the moment. Having said that, we do plan in a future update to offer more options in this area. Stay tuned!

Makes sense, thanks for the response. Looking forward to see what you guys roll out in this area.

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In the meantime you might want to try replacing the dots with underscores - #1_1_1 might not look quite the way you’d like, but it does get the job done :blush:


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I couldn’t manage linking one note to another note. There is no “Link to” section.

You can do this by copying a note as an Agenda link, then pasting that link in the other note.

I really like this searching on due dates. Is it possible to do something like #due(this week)? I was unable to achieve this.

Also, I would really to have auto completion on tags and people. Not sure if this has been mentioned or not. I know the browser/list for tags has been mentioned.

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Autocompletion is certainly on our roadmap for tags.

The due searching is for a specific date, not a range of dates. It’s worth also remembering that once something becomes #due, it remains that way. Something #due yesterday is also due today, so you would have to remove the tag to make it ‘undue’.

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This instruction seems to be for Mac OS only. On iOS, there is no Notes menu. How do you create tags in iOS? How do you list all the existing tags?

How do you create tags in iOS?

You can create tags either by typing (start with a hash symbol followed by the tag, e.g. #mytag) or you can use the bar above the keyboard, it has a tags mode.

How do you list all the existing tags?

At the moment on iOS the keyboard bar shows them all, but we plan on introducing a dedicated tag browser on both macOS and iOS.


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+1 for ability to change tag colours.

How? On iOS?

As mekentosj said: Copy As…

Perfect, thanks! :+1:t2:

I’m not seeing the option to copy a Project as an Agenda Link on iOS. I would love to be able to insert a link to a project in my notes instead of linking to a specific note in the project.