Tags, Links and Lists



It would be helpful if you could have a link to the people tag, say when you click it you would be taken to that contact on your phone.


Integration with the Contacts app is indeed on our wish list too, see Use Agenda as a Telephone / Address book


How do you indent lists on iOS?


On iPad there’s a menu above the virtual keyboard; indent and outdent icon on the right.

On iPhone:

  1. Touch the H1 icon in the menu above virtual keyboard
  2. a vertical menu pops up
  3. Select ‘check box’ icon from pop up menu
  4. swipe menu above virtual keyboard to in/outdent icon on the right


Here’s a screenshot of what @trebso describes on iPad:


Just starting to use Agenda - which is great BTW.
What’s the syntax for Tag Parameters?
I’d like to colour a #Priority 1 tag as red…


Apologies if this was a slightly misleading example, we don’t support yet custom colours for tags, we might in the future. What the example tried to convey is that you can assign values to your tags, like this #priority(high), #priority(low), allowing you to find both all notes that a #priority tag but also specifically all notes with a #priority(high) tag.


Thanks. Colours are useful for visual scanning once you get lots of text.
I’ve used Things, Trello etc. but the concept behind Agenda is great, especially the date link and calendar.

Do you have a place I could request featrues for your roadmap?


Is there any way to “invite” a person to your note or share your project with others?

I have weekly meeting project section in Agenda that I would like to invite people to, so they can see what is on the agenda for the week and what tasks have been assigned to who. Is this an option? How can those notes be shared with others? I realize the person tag is only a tag and does not invite the person to that particular note(s).



Not yet, something we hope to allow in the future, see these posts:

Sync using Agenda account

That would be really great!


What other reserved symbolic tags exist?
I find the #star very useful and would like to the others that exist for use in “bullet journal” within Agenda
(#eye #bang <❗️> etc would be very helpful)


At this point, only #star and #due. See the How Tos for more info.

We have bigger plans for tagging, but have a few more urgent items to checkoff before we will get to it.


Any chance we’ll be able to add tags and people in the title of notes? Thanks!


I think it would be tricky, because that part of the note uses a completely different text presentation technology. We will think about it. Thanks for the feedback!


What should I do if I need to include a literal “@” in the text of a note. For instance, I’m attempting to record a command line that I use to perform a specific task at work, and the command includes an actual “@” as part of the command. Currently, it’s trying to turn the rest of the command up to the next space into a person, which of course isn’t my intention. Also, how would we use literal hash symbols (#) as well?


Especially for things like commands, code, etc you would probably want to format either the text as fixed width or the paragraph as preformatted. If you do so Agenda won’t parse any @ signs in your text, same with tags and the # sign.


I hope I can change the order of items in the Bullet/Numbered List. Copy & Paste breaks the style of List now.


iOS has some sort of tag browser from the keyboard. Anything like this on Mac?


Not yet, we hope to bring a real tag editor/browser in a future update.