Table / Grid For Lists

Will this be considered for a future update then?

Ken B

Full tables are probably a way off, but we do have plans to properly support tabs, which make aligning columns much easier. Hopefully that will help.



How about Markdown tables? I would really, really like support for them. When it comes to tables, I, myself, am not looking for anything sophisticated or complicated, but Markdown table would be greatly appreciated.


Yeah, tabels will be great :sunglasses:

but please not to simple, they should be formatted in a simple way

+1 for tables and grids

+1 for tables and grids. This, plus inline screen clippings would allow me to finally break free from OneNote.

Yeah, tables please!

+1 for simple tables - read the threads and all that’s needed in notes section is adding a simple table - other better functionality can be covered by adding attachment
LOVING the app, now got premium on my iMac and iPad
keep up the great work!

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+ 1 for Markdown tables from me too

+1 for Tables - i really need them in my workflow

+1 for Tables too. would love to structure comparisons directly in a note rather than have to embed a document with this

+1 for tables. I save them as images I insert in notes … A nightmare

Note that you can also use a tool like Excel or Numbers, and embed the file. You won’t see a preview, but you can QuickLook it.

Simply rendering Markdown tables would already be great. More sophisticated editing could be made e. g. through TableFlip.

+1 for table support in notes

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Not tables, but we did just add support for tab characters to the Mac app. In version 6.0, you can use Option-Tab to get a tab character. Means you can align text better, which may make very simple table-like structures possible.


Is this planed for iPad - or general for mobile devices - too?

We can certainly consider adding it. We have a line break button already. Will think about it. Thanks for feedback!

+1 here

I definitely agree. Right now I was looking to insert a table to my project and am now disappointed to learn the option does not exist. I think it is something essential in planning, which Agenda has shown a relevance for.

I would be very happy to see that being implemented in the next few weeks, as I think it is indispensable in a writing programme :relaxed:

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A good table control is unfortunately not a few weeks work. More like a few months.

The good news is that we agree that tables are important, and we have plans to start work in a few weeks time. So hopefully you will see them a bit later this year.

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