Table / Grid For Lists

Lists would be easier to write if a grid (of rows and columns) is used, e.g. for a list of: Title, Name, Address, Age, Sex, Date of Birth etc. It’s a bit of a nightmare lining up the columns at the moment. I’m not looking for anything fancy (calculations) just a straight text grid. Would this be considered for the future?

Ken B


We’ve had a few requests for tables:

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Will this be considered for a future update then?

Ken B

Full tables are probably a way off, but we do have plans to properly support tabs, which make aligning columns much easier. Hopefully that will help.


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How about Markdown tables? I would really, really like support for them. When it comes to tables, I, myself, am not looking for anything sophisticated or complicated, but Markdown table would be greatly appreciated.

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Yeah, tabels will be great :sunglasses:

but please not to simple, they should be formatted in a simple way

+1 for tables and grids

+1 for tables and grids. This, plus inline screen clippings would allow me to finally break free from OneNote.

Yeah, tables please!

+1 for simple tables - read the threads and all that’s needed in notes section is adding a simple table - other better functionality can be covered by adding attachment
LOVING the app, now got premium on my iMac and iPad
keep up the great work!

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+ 1 for Markdown tables from me too

+1 for Tables - i really need them in my workflow

+1 for Tables too. would love to structure comparisons directly in a note rather than have to embed a document with this

+1 for tables. I save them as images I insert in notes … A nightmare

Note that you can also use a tool like Excel or Numbers, and embed the file. You won’t see a preview, but you can QuickLook it.

Simply rendering Markdown tables would already be great. More sophisticated editing could be made e. g. through TableFlip.