Syncing always syncing

What I did: I have a new iPhone and I cannot sync between my computer to my iPhone. I recently updated the iPad too, but that worked somehow.
The iPhone doesnt work at all.

What happened: I even logged out, from the laptop, and on again;
I deleted the App on the phone and restarted


Just the notes from my previous phone are there (or the new ones, which do not sync)

What I expected:

I think I said this before, but to have the possibility to enter the preference, or account in the IOS iPHone app, would decrease frustrations exponentially


Do you maybe have a firewall blocking Agenda on the macbook?

I do not think it is that. I think the problem may be yours. Somewhat Agenda remembers the old LOG in password. I explain:

I changed phone (iPhone 13Pro), it arrived just before Xmas; updated everything and agenda was fine, the phone camera however, had very serious operating system problems, so Apple sent me a new phone and I returned the defective one. This was last Friday. Again I had to update all apps etc. but the Agenda doesn’t want to sync.
All the rest does.

If you can help it would be appreciated.

Sorry you are experiencing this.

Are you syncing with iCloud or Dropbox?

Are you certain that you are signed in to the same iCloud account on each device (ie iPhone, Mac etc)? You do this in the Settings app, under iCloud. It needs to be the same device, and you have to turn on iCloud Drive there too.

The reason I ask that, is that you mention you see your old data. Usually you only see old data if you are using the wrong account.

If you are using the same iCloud account, another possibility is that the sync is working normally, but taking a while. The first sync can take a while. It’s worth connecting the phone to power, turning off autolock, and just letting Agenda run for 30 minutes or so. Do you see any change? Is the cloud in the right panel flashing?

Kind regards,