Synching with missing pages

What I did: I copied/pasted a text which I had typed in MS Word into Agenda on my MacBook Air.

What happened: It synched with my iPhone but only 348 letters of 1147 total. I tried it several times but no change.

What I expected: To have it fully synched.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): Agenda 5.5, macOS Mojave V.10.14.5

Are you certain the text is not there, or is it perhaps being cut off? If you enter a return in the note, does the text appear?

Yes, I am sure. I copy the whole text and paste it to Agenda on Mac but it is cut off by itself on iPhone after synch.
On the other hand, i typed something at the bottom of shortened text on iPhone and it synched to Mac immediately.

By the way, the missing part of the text is seen blank! Pls see the screenshot attached.

How large is this piece of text? On iPhone there’s a limit of how large a note can be (due to limits of the graphics card), if the text you pasted is very long you can reach this limit. Could this be the cause?

It is a 1147 letters text. It synchs 348 letters of it.
Is this an iPhone related issue?

Does it contain a lot of returns such that it becomes very tall vertically? If it’s indeed the length it’s indeed the limitation of the iPhone hardware we’re talking about. Do you happen to have more devices like an iPad and/or second Mac? Does it sync with these devices fine?

I have an iPad and checked it. I see the same problem.

Your iPhone and iPad have very comparable GPUs, any chance you have a Mac you sync with that confirms the issue doesn’t happen there? Alternative would you be willing to share the note with us? If so, can you export it as an Agenda file and email it to