Sync issue

What I did: Install agenda on a new MacBook

What happened: Some project did not sync at all, others have many notes missing

What I expected: All the project to be uploaded and synched

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): Latest version of agenda, MacBook pro 2020, on both Dropbox and iCloud

This is not the first time it has happened to me and it has taken ages to rectify the problem. I love Agenda and I use it on a daily basis for my business but every time I need to sync a new device I have the same issue. I have been told in the past to wait a few hours before all the devices synch, but no matter how long I wait I still see the same notes missing in the new device.

I tried to disconnect dropbox first and reconnect it. I deleted the app, re-installed it, sync it to icloud and then again dropbox. No matter what I do every time something is missing. The only solution I found is to manually duplicate every single project in one device - this way the new copy appears as it should with no missing notes on all my devices (ipad and iPhone). It is a very long process which requires hours of work every time I buy a new device. I hope you are going to look into this issue. Last time it happened I hope you would rectify it in the new version but I still experience the same problems.

Sorry you are having these issues. It sounds like you have been using Agenda for quite a long time. Perhaps over the years, data has got a bit messed up.

What I suggest is that we try to do a data rebuild of sorts. This should remove any problems in the data. But to do it, you do need to have a Mac with all the data fully synced. Do you have the old Mac? And does it have all the data? If so, we could use that as the seed for the new data, to populate the other devices.

Let me know if this is possible. If it is not, I can suggest some cloud data resets and the like, but I suspect you probably already tried those.

(iCloud is generally more efficient than Dropbox for this type of sync.)

Kind regards,