Sync across the devices

I came across something really problematic.

Writing something on the iPad does not necessarily carry over to the Mac immediately and even worse: correctly.

What I found was: On the iPad I did merge two originally on the Mac created Notes within one project. What happened was that the Mac resisted to take over the merging done on the iPad. Instead I found on the Mac both the two originally created Notes PLUS the new merged Note. („Merged“ here means only uniting via cut an paste two separate notes into one, alright.)

Please, we need this fixed.

To be honest, it sounds like it might just be taking a little while to update. Are you using version 4.1 or later?

Can you tell me a little about how you merged the notes? Copy and paste?

Agenda version 4.1 on both Mac and iOS.

Are there any newer version one could optain? When yes: Where?


As far as your question – how I merged the notes – is concerned: As I wrote in my initial entry: Merging means quick and dirty Cut and Paste.

Version 4.1.1 is available now on iOS via the Update section of your App Store app.

No new version for macOS yet.

Hi Andreas,

We think we understand the issue at hand, it’s an unfortunate bug in that has slipped through in the last update. We’ve submitted a fix and asked Apple for an expedited review. Hopefully it will be out soon. Our apologies for the inconvenience, we have discussed how to prevent such an issue slipping through again.

Congrats for tracing down the bug.

I like your way of openly communicating if something from time to time does not run as smoothly as expected. That’s really the way champs act. Chapeau!

Keep up the good work!

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Quick update: the 4.1.2 update that fixes this issue is now available, could you give that a try?