Sync across iOS

What I did:entered data into Agenda on my Mac

What happened:Data synced correctly to iPad correctly but only partially to Agenda on my iPhone

What I expected:Exact duplication of data across all installations

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):
Most recent version of all operating systems, paid version of Agenda

Usually this is just some temporary issue. Did the data come across now?

What if you make a small edit on the Mac (eg enter a space)?

No it didn’t. I deleted Agenda and reinstalled and the full dataset was restored. I’ll continue to monitor. Thanks for following up.

Thanks, glad to hear it seems to work now!

Well, it works but only after I reinstall d the app. My fear is that data would be lost on one device and then the corrupted file overwritten to iCloud.

Our sync engine is a lot more advanced than just writing whole text files to the cloud. It also records the time of every edit, so the chance of a serious corruption like that is not very high.

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