Switching back with my projects to Omnifocus

the past days I transfered back my (small) projects to Omnifocus. Maybe OF is too big for these projects but Agenda was not enough to handle/follow my projects.
I know, Agenda is not made for Project Management but I gave it a try.
E.g. I missed a Reminder function. Or „true“ tags …
Butl I use Agenda for my collections of notes and ideas and lists - for me still the best solution for notes!

Reminder integration is on our roadmap.

Personally I just use the Reminder app for reminders, and Agenda for lists of tasks etc.

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FWIW, OF3 and Agenda work really well together as project management tools. Agenda provides a such a better space for writing up project notes and project journal entries and connecting them to ical events than OF3. I drop OF3 links in Agenda and vice versa when it is necessary to bridge the two. I’d love to see tighter integration between the apps, especially since OF3 is so weak on ical integration.