Suggestion: integration of time tracking



Since Agenda already tracks temporality in a general sense, is it possible for it to track it in a more specific sense? The two examples I can think of immediately are sprinting/ pomodoro style where there is some kind of either countdown or timer immediately accessible to the user. I would imagine there are users who would like to be stuck on a particular page for a specific length of time so they can work on a task without distractions, though I’m sure there are also users who would need the ability to reference different pages within a project, or different apps/ the internet/ etc. Personally I use an app called Forest (which also has a Chrome extension) which “prevents” me from using my phone for however long I ask it to do that, which is where the “restricted to a particular page/ project/ etc” idea is from.

Separately but related, is it possible to track how long the user spends working on either a particular note, or within a particular project, or within the app in general? I like looking at this kind of data to discern trends in when and why I’m most productive (or least productive), though I’m sure people who bill by time frame would appreciate it too.

Just some ideas I had that I thought I’d throw out there!


Interesting ideas. Many of the ideas in Agenda originated from the way I was keeping track of things in a meeting-heavy environment, and very early alphas of Agenda even had a start button on the note that you’d press at the start of a meeting for example in order to track date+time. That proofed to be a terrible idea and none of that is there in the end, but just to say that I agree there are interesting angles for time tracking given the app is very date centered.

Problem is that like you say it’s probably interesting for a smaller group while making things more complex/busy for everybody else. We have some ideas on how to use commands to enhance the workflows in agenda, perhaps it can fit in that model. We’ll have a think.


I think task tracking is probably better left to other apps. Have you tried Timing?