Subject not copied from calendar to agenda notes on my iPad

What I did:
I create lots of notes on my iPad pro. I select the appointment in my calendar. Sometimes Agenda copies the subject from calendar to the agenda. Sometimes it adjust the in the subject line. But the problem is it does not work all the time.

What happened:
Today when I was processing my notes of the week, the first time it worked. Second note it already stopt this behaviour.

What I expected:
I expect that the subject line is adjusted:

  • If I choose an appointment from my calendar to the subject that was in the calendar
  • If I choose a date the subject should change to the right date.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):
Agenda version Latest version I keep it updated)
IOS 15.1

That’s very odd, would there be any chance to record this in a screen recording, showing an example where it would fail to copy in the title? If you feel it would show too much private info for a public forum, you can also email it to if you prefer that. Thanks!

Sent the screen recording to your mail.

Thanks Jacob, that’s very helpful. I think I see what’s going on. If the title of the note is no longer the default, we don’t copy the calendar event title to the note title. The thinking is that the fact the note no longer has the default title, means that the user entered a title and we don’t want to override this title anymore. So it should work if the note has just been created. However from the video it seems it’s not taking into account that the notes have been given a title based on the assigned date (and for that reason no longer has the default title despite not being user entered), we’ll see if this can be improved.