Strange link behavior

I just experienced some weird behavior relative to links. I began writing my note, inserted a link to another note and continued writing. Suddenly the text I was typing turned blue and became a link to the same note that my previous link pointed to. So, I have a link (as I wanted and expected), then I have some normal text, then I have blue text that is also a link, which I don’t want. Has anyone else experienced this?

Could you post some screenshots of what you describe and is it reproducible?

This is the first note this happened with.


I was able to reproduce the behavior linking to the same note. Here is an example of that.

Agenda 2

I’ve done some tinkering and have not yet gotten the behavior to repeat when I’ve linked to any other notes.

@drewmccormack any thoughts?

Very odd behavior. The only thing I can think of is some strange sync issue. Are you syncing with another device? Is it possible sync changes could have come in at the same time?

Otherwise, I can’t imagine what would cause this. Very strange.

I am not syncing with another device. I don’t know if this is helpful, but if I delete the second, erroneous link the erroneous link persists when I start typing exactly where the first letter of the link began (in the second screen capture, that would be at the “k” in keep. But, if I delete a letter or two beyond the erroneous link into the black text, then start typing again, the erroneous link does NOT come back.

Perhaps the link attribute was attached at the end of the line or something, and pasting into that attached it to the new string.

That doesn’t sound like how it happened. In the two events I typed some normal text before the second link suddenly appeared. Anyway, I’ll let you know if this recurs with other notes.

It’s happening to me using the iOS app. When I paste a link into a note and then write anything next to the link (above, below or just next to it) the text also formats blue and behaves as the link does.

It happened to me as well. The only way I could get around it was to type first, then paste. I always made sure there was a space before the insert and paste, and after the paste before typing again.