Stop "smart" formatting

Is there a way to stop conversion of certain characters. For example, I want to save down a console command such as:

myapp -Dapp.flag="–someValue"

There are two problems I run into: The double-quotes are converted to smart-quotes and the double-hyphen is converted to a single em dash. Then when I copy-paste from Agenda to a terminal, the command is messed up.

I tried changing this to a Pre-formatted style. However, if this item is part of a list, it gets moved out of the list.

Any tips/tricks to accomplish what I want?


Have you tried changing the format to fixed width, or as a shortcut put the text in between single quotes? The general replacement settings can be controlled under the Edit > Substitutions menu.

I looked around in the menus, and thought there might be something in Format. I never looked at the Edit > Substitutions menu. That takes care of the problem! Thanks for the quick reply!

It’s actually a standard menu in all apps, in case that might come in handy in a future situation in a different app.

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