Stop creating a note when creating a project

It would be great to be able to turn off the creation of a new note whenever I create a Project.

I tend to create a project after I have created the relevant note. The note generally starts in my In Box, or in a ‘prospects’ project. I then decide I need to elevate the issue to become a new project. So I create the project and drag relevant notes into the project - and then I have to delete the automatically created note.


+1 same with categories

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We are considering to add a preference that would allow you to turn this behaviour off indeed.


Making it optional is fine, but definitely don’t eliminate the behavior altogether as I find the automatic note very handy as I pin that note and use it for summary and meta info about each project as well as a central place for tasks until Agenda has a better method to gather actions together.

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Yes, definitely, it would be opt-out, the current behaviour would be the default.

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