Startup time

Sometimes the app shows agenda logo on startup and that is time consuming for those who use it frequently and opens the app a lot of times for editions or to check appointments.

I think removing the app logo (or give us this option) would definitely help and save a second or 2 when this happen.

I know that’s important to show your logo and identity, but UX is important too. Another apps like things doesn’t have logo on startup screen and that made it loads faster.

Agenda is a really great and useful app. Many thanks for it! Keep up the great work!

Actually the logo takes up no time. It is used to hide the main UI while it sets up. You couldn’t do anything useful while the logo is there, and the effect could be quite ugly, because the UI is not ready yet.

Note that this only happens when the app launches. Once it is up and running, often you will switch between apps and not get the logo, because the app was still alive in the background.

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Plus, it’s not a good idea to terminate apps so they don’t wait in background. First, they’re totally frozen in background (unless you allow background activity and they actually do some), second, launching apps from scratch again and again drains more battery.

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Thanks, Guys!

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