Spelling Errors Bug

I’m getting the red underline spelling error indicator for words that are spelled correctly, like the and many. Not in any distingusihable pattern but it happened twice this morning. This is on IOS iPad Pro. Also, on iPad, the curosr when typing seems way too big, like twice the line height.

We don’t do anything special with the spelling. It is just Apple’s built in checking. Are you sure you have the correct language chosen, or the correct keyboard type?

The cursor height changes depending on the line height at that point in the document. Again, this is the default behavior Apple use. If you have a new paragraph, the cursor can appear bigger. We will investigate if we can improve this. Thanks!

So the spelling issue maybe is some quirk with the system.

I restarted and the cursor in Agenda still seems way too high/long. I went into Apple Notes to compare and there’s was much shorter and seemed right.

This is because Apple notes doesn’t differentiate line heights between paragraphs vs list items, in Agenda we do. Unfortunately not much we can do about this, as Drew mentions, it’s the system behaviour.

I looked into this more, and I think I may have a fix for it. Stay tuned!

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I have the same issue.
Running 2.1.2 on iPad Pro with iOS 11.4