Specific project sync only in one direction

What I did:
I have a few categories with a few projects each. All this, is synced mainly between the mac and iOS.
I Added a note on the mac in a specific project and filled it with content.

What happened:
This note didn’t sync to iOS.
All other contents from other projects are syncing nicely.
Apparently, only this one project syncs only in one direction from iOS to Mac and not the other direction.
Dragging the same note to another poject will sync it both ways with changes on either sides. Moving it back into the initial project will prevent it from syncing again.

I must say that in before I found this issue, I’ve had two project with the same names in two different categories. One of wich was the one with the problems. Just in case this rings a bell. Now, one has been renamed but didn’t change anything.
Also - renaming the faulty project on the Mac won’t affect the project name on iOS.

What I expected:
sync both ways…


  • Agenda version: 5.0 (PDL)
  • OS X version: Version 10.14.3 (Build 18D42)
  • AppKit version: 1671.2
  • Device type: MacBookPro12,1
  • Agenda account: clouddiver@gmail.com
  • License status: Current (expiry: 2019-06-07 09:24:15 0000)
  • Projects: 6
  • Sync: Enabled
  • Other devices: 7

I’m not exactly sure what is going wrong here, but one solution might be to make a new project, and move the notes from the problem project into that.

I would wait for today’s update, otherwise you might lose some attachments when moving the notes.

Once you have everything transferred, and looking good, delete that problem project.

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