Sparkle email integration

Spark email has an integration feature where the service then shows up in the share menu so you can send stuff in to the target app as a note. Can the developers configure agenda so that apps like spark can start to enable this kind of incoming share?


I second this…

me too…. I use Spark

I use Spark email, too. At the moment, with Spark, I can create an email link to paste inside an Agenda Note which sends to a Spark Server where you can see all the content of the email, included the attachments. It would be great if Agenda could be integrated with Spark.

Does Spark itself has a sharing extension?

On the MacOS Spark has integration with different other apps:

On the iOS, yes they have a sharing extension:

Thanks, that’s hopeful but I meant the other way around:

On macOS, if you go to the System Preferences -> Extensions, do you see Sparkle in the list of items? If so they should also appear in the Share menu inside Agenda

On iOS if you share from Agenda, do you see Sparkle in the share sheet as an option?

Okay, Thank you! I knew that :smiley:

On iOS Spark is available when you Share from Agenda